Safety Threat Report

  • District 12 is launching a system that allows students, parents and guardians to report safety concerns. These concerns may be an individual event, an ongoing issue, or a student who may be in crisis. Examples of concerns that may be reported include:

    • Acts of violence, with or without weapons
    • Verbal or physical abuse, assault or harassment
    • Sexual abuse, assault or harassment
    • Threats seen on social media
    • Bullying, fighting, harassment or intimidating behaviors
    • Bragging about weapons or a planned attack
    • Depression, anxiety or loss of self-control
    • Hopelessness, excessive guilt or worthlessness
    • Reckless behavior, theft and petty crimes
    • Social isolation or withdrawal
    • Substance or alcohol abuse
    • Suicide threats, cutting or other self-harm
    • Any other troubling situation or behavior

    Please note: This system should not replace calling 911 when there is a clear and present danger. 

    Once a report is made, school and district administration will receive an email notification and appropriate steps will be taken. While most investigations will occur the next school day if received after hours, it is possible that a situation would warrant the immediate involvement of the Roselle Police Department. This could be the case if it is determined that a well-being check is needed. 

    This system is meant to provide an additional avenue and is not intended to replace calls or communication directly to your child’s teacher(s) or the school administration. 

    The reporting system may be accessed here for Spring Hills Elementary and here for Roselle Middle School.