• In Roselle District 12, we believe:

    • all students are OUR students
    • everyone in D12 must learn and grow
    • school must be a safe space for everyone where we prioritize relationships and connections
    • all students deserve to be prepared for limitless opportunities 
    • decisions are made based on the needs of students


                                                     Vision Statement

    The vision of Roselle District 12 is to prepare students to ethically engage in our global society.

                                                    Mission Statement

    The mission of Roselle District 12 is to provide explicit instruction and authentic experiences so that students develop the social, emotional, academic, and life skills critical for success:


    • adaptability to change

    • confident and compassionate collaboration

    • critical thinking and problem-solving

    • communication

    • creativity

    • digital competency

    • executive functioning: organization, time management, and goal-setting