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    • Providing safe learning environments for students is a top priority in Roselle School District 12, including safety in the digital learning environment. All district devices are protected through a cloud-based filtering system 24/7. This means students can learn anytime, anywhere and always experience the same level of digital safety when on district devices, whether they are in the classroom, on the bus, at home, etc.


      While district devices are filtered 24/7, we understand that what each family feels their child should be able to access on district devices outside of the school day is different from household to household. Through the Securly Home Parent Portal app, families can supervise their child’s technology use on district devices outside of the school day by:

      1. Monitoring their child’s activity on district devices

      2. Establishing personalized rules/limitations for device use outside of the D12 Network

      3. Filtering content their child is able to access outside of the D12 Network

      4. Receiving push notifications if their child searches content related to bullying, self-harm, or suicide while using a district device off of the D12 Network

      5. Pausing the internet on your child’s district device, temporarily disabling online access

      6. Setting offline schedules for your child's internet usage, for instance during dinner and at bedtime


      Once the student enters the school day, the district regains control and devices will follow Roselle School District's established filters until the students leave the D12 Network again. Download the SecurlyHome Parent Portal app in the App Store or Google Play.



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